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Baratang Island, Limestone Caves, Mud Volcano

kayaking at baratang island

Baratang Island

  • Baratang Island is 100 km (by Road) away from Port Blair (The capital of Andaman & Nicobar Island).
  • Baratang Island is situated in the Middle Andaman of North & Middle District.
  • While the journey by road to reach Baratang we have to cross the creek (sea) with the help of a Vehicle Ferry.
  • It will be a memorable trip on the way to reach Baratang.


How to Reach Baratang Island

  • Baratang Island is approx. 100 km away from the Port Blair
  • One can reach this Island by road with the help of a Vehicle ferry to cross the sea.
  • You can also reach by Boat which is available from Port Blair
  • We and many tour operators suggest travelling by road, so you can complete the entire Island trip on the same day

Things to Do on Baratang Island

  • Lime Stone Cave 
  • Mud Volcano 
  • Parrot Island

Lime Stone Cave at Baratang

In Baratang Island, particularly at Nayadera near Wrafters Creef, there is a huge deposit of Limestone, where some deposits are in the form of caves and the rest of it is in the form of layers or beds one upon the other. These deposits are either above the soil or under the ground (the underground portions from caves). There are more than 300 big and small deposits of limestone, out of which only one ¡n the form of a cave is open for tourists. In the cave, massive limestone formations dangled from the ceiling, glowed from the sides and sprouted from the ground. 

How to reach Limestone Cave:

One has to reach Baratang Island which is a 100-kilometre drive through the narrow Andaman Trunk Road (ATR) from Port Blair. The drive is followed by a short vehicle ferry ride from Middle Strait to Baratang Nilambur Jetty and from there another half-an-hour ride on a speedboat. As the speedboat knifes its way through the waters of the Baratang Creek, tiny islands and endless stretches of massive, primordial tropical forests bordered by unique Mangrove vegetation move up and down into the view on either side.

The speedboat is berthed at a temporary wooden jetty at Nayadera Creek. A few steps after the landing a ‘Mangrove Canopy Walk’ welcome the tourists. The Mangrove Canopy Walk is maintained by the staff of the Baratang Forest Division of the Andaman and Nicobar Administration. The Canopy Walk is a 240 meters long narrow bridge made of Non-timber Forest produce, winding its way through thick mangroves.

The Mangrove Canopy Walkway is designed in such a way that neither any Mangrove branch was pruned nor any tree felled during the construction of the path. The information on the boards is instructive and enlightening. One can get well acquainted with various aspects of mangroves, their morphology, saltwater adaptations etc while walking on this path.

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