Baratang Island, Limestone Caves, Mud Volcano

kayaking at baratang island

Baratang Island

  • Baratang Island is 100 km (by Road) away from the Port Blair (Capital of Andaman & Nicobar Island).
  • Baratang Island is situated in Middle Andaman of North & Middle District.
  • While the journey by road to reach Baratang we have to cross the creek (sea) with the help of Vehicle Ferry (boat which carry us and vehicle too for cross)
  • It will be a memorable trip on the way to reach Baratang.


How to Reach Baratang Island

  • Baratang Island is approx. 100 km away from the Port Blair
  • One can reach this Island by road with the help of Vechile ferry to cross the sea.
  • You can also reach by Boat which is available from Port Blair
  • We and many tour operators suggest to travel by road, so you can complete the entire Island trip in the same day

Thing to Do in Baratang Island

  • Lime Stone Cave 
  • Mud Volcano 
  • Parrot Island


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