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North Button National Park, Andaman Islands

North Button Island National Park was established in 1979 and it is located in the North and Middle Andaman district. The deep, blue water around the island is the natural habitat of dolphins. The main attractions of this park are dolphins, dugongs, and water monitor lizards. The park is covered with moist tropical forests.

North Button National Park Andaman Islands

North Botton Island National Park is also home to various plants, trees, birds, and wild animals. The Flora and fauna are found throughout North Button Iceland National Park. The nearest island to this national park is Long Island, which is 60 kilometres away. You can hire a ferry service from Long Island to North Button Iceland National Park.

The total area of ​​the park is 0.44 sq. km. North Button Iceland National Park was established in 1987. The island is surrounded by the deep and blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. The national park is famous for its spotted deer.

Reptiles like water lizards and monitor lizards also thrive here. The park is home to blue whales, sea turtles, dugongs, much beautiful fish, and dolphins.

A national park is an area strictly reserved for wildlife and biodiversity, and activities such as development, forestry, hunting, and grazing in cultivation are not permitted. Their boundaries are well-marked and circumscribed.


Tourists are advised to contact the local authorities of North Button Island National Park regarding accommodation, fees, and other facilities. Otherwise, there are some private accommodations on Long Island or stay at a nearby Rangat.

By Sea /boat: If you want to come by sea routes, there are 3-4 weekly cruises from Port Blair to Long Island, you can reach Long Island and stay, and hire a boat to reach the National Park.

By Road: You cannot reach you directly by road, but you can reach Rangat by road from Port Blair, from there you can take a ferry to Long Island and then proceed to North Button Island National Park. North Button Island National Park is not connected by roads. Visitors can reach the park by boats provided by the authorities from Port Blair and also accessible from Long Island.

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit the park is from November to April every year. The main attraction of the island is a cerulean whale and it is not usually seen, but in the cold winter, the larger species sometimes comes to the surface of the water.

Things to do / Activities:

It is a great place for scuba diving and snorkeling for tourists. Some adventure enthusiasts take up scuba diving so that they can see the true lifestyle of the various creatures of the sea. Other locations around the park include Yerata Mangrove Creek, Guitar Island, Barren Island, and Long Island.



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