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Scuba diving in Neil Island [2023]

Scuba diving in Neil Island is popular among tourists due to its stunning underwater world and diverse marine life. Here’s some information about diving in Neil Island:

Neil Island offers several dive sites that cater to divers of different experience levels. Some of the popular dive sites include Bharatpur Beach. you can view a wide variety of marine life, including colourful coral reefs, tropical fish species, sea turtles, rays, eels, and sometimes even reef sharks. The coral reefs are vibrant and provide a beautiful backdrop for your dive.


Scuba diving in Neil Island Andaman


Several dive centres on Neil Island offer scuba diving experiences. These dive centres provide certified instructors, quality diving equipment, and guidance to ensure safety and enjoyment. If you are a beginner or want to enhance your diving skills, you can also enroll in diving courses offered by the dive centers on Neil Island. These courses range from introductory programs for beginners to advanced courses for experienced divers.


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Best Time for Diving:

The best time for scuba diving in Neil Island is generally from October to May when the weather is favourable, and the sea is calm. However, diving is possible throughout the year, with varying visibility and water conditions during different seasons.

Courses / Certificate:

To participate in scuba diving activities, you may be required to have a valid scuba diving certification. No worry if  not certified, you can go for beginner courses that allow you to experience scuba diving under the supervision of an instructor. and swimming skills are not required for scuba.


Scuba diving in Neil Island

How safe is Scuba Diving in Neil Island:

It is essential to follow safety guidelines provided by dive centers and instructors. Always dive within your limits, listen carefully to the briefing, and ensure you have the skills and equipment for a safe dive.

Scuba diving in Neil Island offers a fantastic opportunity to explore the vibrant underwater world of the Andaman Sea.  You can enjoy the beauty of the coral reefs and encounter fascinating marine life during your dive.



Scuba diving in Neil Island, Andaman Islands| 2023 Guidelines

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