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Nicobar Islands, Andaman and Nicobar [India]

Nicobar Islands, Andaman and Nicobar [India]

  • The Nicobar Islands is a Part of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and it also said to be a Nicobar Group of Islands
  • Andaman and Nicobar are divided into three districts they are:
    • South Andaman district
    • Nicobar district
    • North and Middle Andaman district
  • Car Nicobar Island is the headquarter of the Nicobar group of islands
  • Whereas, Great Nicobar Island is the largest island in the Nicobar group.

Geography and Location of Nicobar Islands

  • Nicobar group of Islands located south of the Andaman Islands
  • It is Situated in the Southeast of the Bay of Bengal.
  • Nicobar Group separated by the 10-degree channel from the Andaman Islands
  • It is 150 km away from Little Andaman i.e the last Island of the Andaman Group of Islands
  • The Latitude and Longitude of the Nicobar group are:
    • Latitude – 6 to 10 degrees North
    • Longitude – 92 -94 degree East

Total Islands:

  • There are 22 total islands in the Nicobar Group.
    • Inhabited Islands – 10
    • uninhabited Islands – 12
List of Inhabited Islands:
S. No.IslandsPopulation
1.Car Nicobar17841
7.Little Nicobar278
8.Great Nicobar8069
9.Tillang Chong38
List of uninhabited Islands:
Sl. NoIslandsOld NameNearby Inhabited IslandArea in

sq. kms.

1.BattimalyKuonoCar Nicobar2.01
2.MeroeMeroeGreat Nicobar0.52
3.TerisTeanGreat Nicobar0.26
4.MenchalMenchalGreat Nicobar1.30
5.TarkFuyaGreat Nicobar0.26
6.CubraKonwanaGreat Nicobar0.52
10.Isle of ManNANANA
11.MegapodNAGreat NicobarNA
12.PigeonNAGreat NicobarNA

Population and Administration of Nicobar Group of Islands:

  • Nicobar islands are divided into three block as Car Nicobar, Nancowry and Great Nicobar.
  • The district headquarter is Car Nicobar.
  • The Total Population of Nicobar group of islands as per the census 36,842
    • Total Households: 9,288
    • Total Population: 36,842
      • Total Male Population: 20,727
      • Total Female Population: 16,115
    • Total Child [0-6 age] : 4,389
      • Male Child : 2256
      • Female Child : 2133
    • Total Literate Population: 25,332

List of Population Block / Tehsil wise :

  • Car Nicobar Tehsil:
    • Total Population : 17,841
      • Total Male: 9,735
      • Total Female: 8106
    • Total Households: 4,250
  • Nancowry Tehsil:
    • Total Population : 10,634
      • Total Male: 5967
      • Total Female: 4667
    • Total Households: 2,790
  • Great Nicobar
    • Total Population : 8,367
      • Total Male: 5,025
      • Total Female: 3,342
    • Total Households: 2,248

Most Beautiful Beaches, Islands, and Places in Nicobar group of Islands:

  • Katchal Island
  • B-Query Beach
  • Balu Dera Beach
  • Laxman Beach
  • Galatheia Beach
  • Galathea River
  • Break Water of Campbell Bay
  • Alexandra River
  • Indira Point

Places to visit in Nicobar Islands:

  • Most of the Islands and places of Nicobar Islands are Tribal Reserve Areas except Campbell Bay, Great Nicobar Islands.
  • Tribal Reverse Area can be only visited with a special Permission / Tribal Pass which can be obtained from District Commissioner Officer, Port Blair
  • Campbell Bay of Great Nicobar Islands can be visited without any special Permission.
  • Campbell Bay, Great Nicobar Islands is an untouched Paradise of Andaman and Nicobar
  • Most of the tourist only know and visited some parts of the Andaman Islands
  • The Beaches of these Islands are really different and it’s none than heaven.
  • Places to visit are:
    • Indira Point
    • Indira Point Light House
    • Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve
    • B-Query Beach
    • Balu Dera Beach
    • Laxman Beach
    • Galatheia Beach
    • Galathea River
    • Break Water
    • Alexandra River
    • Dogmar River
    • Bird Watching
    • Endemic Trees / Plants

How to reach Nicobar Group of Islands:

  • The Nicobar groups are separate Islands and all are connected and inter-connected to the capital of Andaman and Nicobar
  • Nicobar groups are connected to Port blair by air as well as by ship.
  • Ship are the main mode of transportation here to reach the Islands
  • Car Nicobar Island has an air base but it not commercial.
  • There is an Pawan Hans Helicopter Service
Car Nicobar | How to Reach:
  • Car Nicobar is 274 km away from Port Blair, South Andaman
  • There is 2-3 ship in a week to reach these Islands
  • Weekly thrice, Helicopter Service is also there to reach these Islands
Nancowry | How to Reach:
  • Nancowry is 415 km away from Port Blair, South Andaman
  • Monthly 4-6 Ships are there to reach Nancowry Islands
  • Nancowry Island has the main Island to their nearby Islands like Katchal Island, Chowra Island, Teresa Island, etc.
  • These Islands are interconnected with boats.
  • Weekly 3 times there is a helicopter service
Great Nicobar | How to Reach:
  • Great Nicobar is 530 km away from Port Blair, South Andaman
  • Monthly 4-6 Ships are there to reach Great Nicobar
  • Campbell Bay is the main bazaar in the Great Nicobar
  • Weekly 3 times there is a helicopter service
List of Ship which connects these Islands  with Port Blair
  • MV Campbell Bay
  • MV Kalighat
  • MV Coral Queen
  • MV Sentinel
  • MV Chowra
  • MV Swaraj Dweep
  • MV Nancowry
  • MV Bharat Sema – only Car Nicobar Island



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