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Radha Nagar Beach, Havelock Island [Andaman]

Radha Nagar Beach, Havelock Island

  • Radha Nagar Beach is one of the favorite names within Andaman tourism.
  • It is twelve kilometers off from the havelock cruise jetty (Govind Nagar No.1).
  • The white sand and crystal clear water attract each holidaymaker.
  • Now, Radha Nagar is one and therefore the most attractive, while not visiting it the Andaman tour is incomplete.
  • It is also referred to as beach no 7.


How to reach Radha Nagar Beach?

Is Radha Nagar reached by Road?

  • Yes, Radha Nagar is accessible by road and it is the foremost common way to reach this beach.

Is another way to reach Radha Nagar aside from the road?

  •  Yes, by chartering the boat however it’s too long and time take, not counseled
  • But the best and unremarkably reached by road

Can I know the distance of Radha Nagar from Havelock  Cruise jetty?

  • Radha Nagar Beach no. 7 is 12 kilometers away from havelock Cruise jetty i.e Govind Nagar

How much time taken by car to reach Radha Nagar?

  • It takes 30-40 min. to reach

Is it worth going to Radha Nagar?

  • Without visiting Radha Nagar, your Andaman Tour is incomplete.

What kind of Water Sports Activities are done at Radha Nagar beach?

  • Water Sports Activities are obtainable in Elephant Beach not in Radha Nagar.

Is Swimming allowed in Radha Nagar?

  • Yes, Swimming is allowed here until sunset approx. 5 pm subsequently you’re not allowed to enter into the water.
  • It’s known for its crystal clear water, therefore carrying an additional combine of cloths.

Is changing Rooms there?

  • Yes, changing rooms are obtainable in pay and use.

Best time to go to Radha Nagar beach?

  • It is also said to be a sunset point.
  • So you can visit in the evening time so are able to enjoy the water get pleasure from the water and see the sunset too.

Is any entry fee is there to go to Radha Nagar?

  • No, it’s a public beach there’s no entry fee to go.

Is scuba-dive done is Radha Nagar beach?

  • No, scuba dive isn’t operated here.

Radha Nagar Beach


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